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Meet the Dungeon Journal!

The Journal is your new premium engraved hardwood dice box wrapped inside a leatherbound notebook, complete with pages that transform into essential DnD gaming gear! Customize, engrave, and personalize every aspect for an immersive blend of fantasy with function. Scroll on for more details, or if you’re ready to start building yours…

How does the Dungeon Journal work?

The Dungeon Journal is a bunch of things at once - a leather bound binder, a dice vault, a bunch of foldy inserts - if you're craving more unfolded details, this section is just that. We totally didn't put filler text here to hold your attention while the million .gifs load up, and quite frankly we're scandalized you would even think that.

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Give Me a Long Pledge Chart That Makes Me Do Math

...or let our mystical webbinauts do the addition for you! >>Our builder tool<< lets you mock up your Journal with no commitment and zero calories!


Example Builds

The Journal's Tabletop Accessories

The Dungeon Journal comes with all the tools a budding dungeon excavator might need to go on a treasure-fueled mur - ADVENTURE spree. Each accessory adds a unique way to make D&D night more fun (especially the ruler. Hnnnggg ruling things) so prepare your custom kit and let's get delving!

  • Your choice of leather and foil color
  • Protects your soft table from sharp stabby dice
  • Suede back for maximum table-gripping friction


  • Stores flat, folds up into a dice tower
  • Hidden magnets make for magical setup
  • Crafted in your choice of leather and foil color


  • Tracks your character's essentials (hit points, inspiration, spell slots)
  • Crafted in your choice of leather and foil
  • Magnetic dials stay in place between sessions
  • Check out the >>builder tool<< for full list of class options


  • Stealth magnets give it dual-purpose as a binder clip
  • Accentuates your pen's lovely lines
  • Makes a decent sacrificial offering when bartering for your character's life


  • Antiqued brass ruler, 6 punched for your journal
  • Estimates approximately 40 feet of movespeed
  • Goes by BMADET to its friends


  • Writable paper, eraser compatible
  • Included .pdf to print-and-play more if your character bites it
  • No hidden message appears when exposed to midnight starlight


  • Compatible with any A5 accessories
  • Infinitely expandable variety
  • Perfect if we forgot to make the thing you want


The Dungeon Journal is made of 100% sustainably recycled dungeon.

Rich Materials, Lovingly Crafted

The Dungeon Journal blends a lifetime of Elderwood's art and engineering sensibilities. The Journal combines soft leather, polished engraved hardwood, and snaps, straps, and magnets to deliver a unique, never-before-seen D&D accessory with limitless function, fantasy aesthetic, and delightful playfulness.

Cornering is the new edging
By blindfolding the spine we reduce its trauma of leaving the 'shop.
A tiny joke for the big tentacle man

Customization – All Your Options

Dogmight Gaming Special Collaboration Dragon Sheath Spines!

The amazingly talented craftlads&ladies at Dogmight have added their own expert take to Dungeon Journal! Thanks to them, you’ll be able to include stained and 3D sculpted or engraved Dragon Sheath spines to your Journal through the Pledgemanager. If you dig their aesthetic, check out their site for a full gallery of their styles. You can also meander through update #3 for a more complete set of glam shots, and the FAQ for more details on how they’ll integrate into the campaign.

Sizes 'n' Stuff

Have Questions? We Know Some Stuff!

Elderwood is a team of industrious hyper-evolved termatos (termite+tomato hybrids)(ooh with jetpacks)(and a laser!)(yeah, cool laser! pew pew!) who love woodworking, dungeons, and the occasional garnish dragon. Have a question, suggestion, opinion, or sonnet only a woodcarving arthropodmato can respond to? Reach out to us over email at, Twitter @Elderwoodboxes, Facebook (metabook!), or Insta @Elderwoodacademy.


To paraphrase John Donne, "no man (or corporate entity) is an island" - we at Elderwood are active members of the RPG-loving community and love getting the chance to team up with backers and other maker-folk alike.

This Kickstarter, the Dogmight Games team has added some absolute (but non-literal) fire to the Dungeon Journal. Check out the Dragon Sheath Spines section above for more deets!

Much of the Special Edition art packages were hand-crafted 'n' drafted by 88 Riddles. Check out his work for beautiful and immaculate painted RPG gear!

The Elderwood Crew Appreciates You!

Whether you're a die-hard fan or just wandering by, we appreciate you, person still reading! This is our 10th Kickstarter campaign, but Elderwood in large part remains what it was at the start - an extension of building-things-for-our-hobby that has morphed into a mail-order FLGS. We're always filled with gratitude when you all come together to breath life into these projects, and your support means the world to us.

Infinity hugs and hearts,

Q&D&The Elderwood Elves


Available Rewards:

$89USD + Shipping

Dungeon Journal

Your very own personalized Dungeon Journal. Includes integrated dice-box spine, brass tactical ruler, and character sheet packs. A5, 6-punched binder interior is compatible with all of our folding add-on accessory pages or off-the-shelf accessories.


  • Brass Tactical Ruler
  • Character Sheet Plus Notes Insert
  • Dungeon Journal with Dice Box Spine
$249USD + Shipping

The Works - One With Everything

Your very own personalized, super-sized, customized, and flanderized Dungeon Journal, with free wood upgrades and one of every accessory already included. No need to do math with the One With Everything tier!


  • One of every accessory
  • Dungeon Journal with Dice Box Spine

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