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Oh boy, here we go again.

Good morrow, fellow box-and-dice aficionados! This campaign we’re introducing Keychain Spellbooks, leather bound hand-finished boxes crafted to store miniature gemstone dice (made from real gemstones!). In the past Elderwood has brought you Spellbooks and Spellbook Minis, so if you think we took our last idea and just smushed it, you’re probably (and also exactly) correct.

Like their predecessors and their predecessor’s predecessor, Keychain Spellbooks are lovingly crafted from a variety of stunning natural wood options, wreathed in lush foil-stamped leather, and embellished with your choice of signature art. Except even smaller. Available in two types of interior and teeming with tenacity (and teensy gemstone dice), these tiny two-inch tomes are tailor-made to tend to your teeny treasures. 

Keychain Spellbooks are guaranteed (not really-- in life there are no guarantees) to make your keys harder to lose.

This campaign we’re partnering up with Norse Foundry to bring you Mini Gemstone Dice exclusively available to bedazzle the interior of your Keychain Spellbook. Mini Gemstone Dice are just like regular Gemstone Dice, except it’s easier to fit a whole set in your mouth. Read on to learn how to customize your Keychain Spellbook and add on Mini Gemstone Dice to your pledge.

They took all the raves that didn't happen in 2020 and put them into K9 Crystal Gemstone Dice.


Begin your itty-bitty journey by selecting which of our hand-sanded, oil brushed woods speaks to you in the loudest, tiniest voice.  Classic woods are available for all Classic Keychain Spellbooks. Check out our Pledge Guide to calculate your additional pledge amount for Premium and Elite woods, and visit our build preview tool to see how your choices might look. 

Wood so smooth you could... do something that requires a smooth wooden object.

Leather & Foil

Keychain Spellbooks are swathed in your choice of luxuriously durable leathers stamped in a gorgeous foil of your choosing. Our time-tested and supremely supple Granada leathers are available in seven of our classic colors, so you can drape your little friends in a drum-dyed cloak that most vividly expresses the spirit of their moon sign, or something.

In this Kickstarter, you'll be able to pick a different foil color for the border and the icon selection. Choose from these lustrous foil colors: gold, silver, bronze, maroon, forest, ocean sky, pink, rose gold, and pewter. Down below you'll see a handy reference image that displays what each of the available foils looks like pressed on the available leather choices. We are so thoughtful.

Not pictured: Rose Gold, favorite among millennials.
You're getting veeeeery sleeeeeeepy. Unless you're not, in which case please ignore.


Dress up your Keychain Spellbook with a selection from our classic signature art options.

Interior Configuration

Choose between two different interior options for your Keychain Spellbook - Open and Spiral styles.  


The Spiral Interior holds 7-10 mini dice while the Open Interior can hold, like, a lot more.

Keychain Eyelet Loop

Aww, look how happy this gargoyle is with his little Keychain Spellbook ^_^

You can put this bad boy on your keychain to ensure you're never without a set of tiny, shiny dice. We've force tested the leather eyelets and they're able to withstand up to 25lbs of force with the leather alone. We want to ensure the long life of the product and will be including antiqued metal reinforcement for the eyelet on all production versions.

If you just want to put this cutie in your pocket (or you have no keys and no keyrings), you can order without the eyelet, too.

Something something obscure Minecraft joke about Dice Plains Spikes etc.

Feed your pint-sized puck some delicious little dice. We've got a veritable smörgåsbord of tiny math rocks to offer, from gemstone to metal to resin. Check out the menu below, and then reference the pledge guide to see how to upgrade.

Mini Gemstone Dice

Exactly like regular Gemstone Phoenix Dice, but cuter and infused with more positive karma. These sets include D20, D12, D10(dec), D10, D8, D6 and D4.

Pick your engraved font - Phoenix vs Norse styles

All Mini Gemstone dice are expertly cut and polished from their source stones. Phoenix and Norse editions of Mini Gemstone dice give you the chance to select from two different engraved numeral styles. Phoenix edition is an elegant flowing font with a phoenix engraved on the d6, and the Norse edition features a Dwarven stone-cut runic font.

Hey, does just one of you want to come to electrical with me?
Final versions of the Mini Rose Quartz Phoenix Edition will feature gold numerals

Mini Metal Phoenix Dice

Like death metal is to music, these dice are to other dice. Need we say more?

Norse Foundry Pebbles

Resin Dice (Free with all Keychain Spellbooks)

The typical dimensions for a wild-caught fairy are approximately 2.1" wide by 2.9" tall with a .9" thickness. In accordance with divine fate, those are also the exact dimensions of a Keychain Spellbook.

Measurements and features...and wood, oh my?
This photo isn't overexposed, we're just actually ghosts.

Elderwood Academy is a collective of dedicated faetomoligists who work tirelessly to imbue chunks of wood with fairy dust for some reason. For the past 6 years, we've been crafting a fine array of increasingly smaller accessories to further immerse RPGers in their RPGs. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments on our PhD thesis "Um, Fairies Are Real, Actually", you can reach us at

Available Rewards:

$29USD + Shipping

Keychain Spellbook

Fill your giant clumsy human hands with a Keychain Spellbook. Personalize your tiny tome with your choice of wood, leather, art, and foil color. Comes pre-loaded with a set of plastic mini dice.


  • Keychain Spellbook
  • Resin Mini Phoenix Dice

**Projected delivery: April 2022/ after fulfillment of all KS tiers

$60USD + Shipping

Gemstone Mini Dice Only!

A set of any of our ten Mini Gemstone Dice, no Keychain Spellbook included! For the dice aficionado who don't need no boxes!


  • Gemstone Mini Dice

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